I haven't received my item. What can I do?

If the tacking is not showing any updates and 40days passed since your order has been placed, feel free to message us using the contact form or email us at info@futureliving.com, we will be happy to help!


How much shipping costs?

We offer FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING on all orders. That's right!


How long will the shipping take?

Usually the shipping takes 1-3 weeks, however it can take up to 40 days. But we promise, it's worth the wait! I only received one of the items from my order

Our products are sources and shipped straight from the manufacturer, which means that different items might be shipped from separate places. In this case you should have received 2 or more different tracking codes that will allow you to track each of your items in real time


I have not received or lost my tracking code

Use the contact form contact provided to request your tracking code or simply email us info@futureliving.com . Please don't forget to mention your order number so we can locate your package even quicker!


Why can I not buy just one product and most come in packs instead?

We believe that buying in packs or bulk is more sustainable. 1 toothbrush will not last long, so instead of buying just one, it's better to buy a few that will last you a while!