Different types of chemicals that are found in plastics are linked to all sorts of health problems. For example, BPA has been connected to whacked-out reproductive systems, types of cancer, along with resistance to insulin, and neurological trouble.


Over 91% plastic has never been recycled. It often ends up in the ocean, beached and land, polluting the environment and killing over a million seabirds and animals every year.

Save money

Refusing to use single-use plastic will result in buying less unnecessary and short lasting foods and goods, such as chocolate bars, beauty products that can be made at home cheaper. Nevertheless, having a reusable bottle will encourage you to fill it up for free, or buying coffee to take away in your reusable cup will often save you 50 cents !

Long Lasting

Have you ever noticed how most plastic products don't last long? We've all witnessed a plastic chair or table breaking at least once or those kitchen spatulas that melt left on the edge of the pan. Natural products made from steel, bamboo, wood and such will last you a whole lot longer and will feel much better!