Want to go zero waste? These are the tips for you!

Promising yourself to use less plastic on a daily is easy, though putting things in action can be quite a pickle! Plastic waste is everywhere around us and often we don’t even notice it. Unfortunately, every piece of plastic ever made is still out there, including the all the toothbrushes we’ve ever used, EVERY single plastic bottle, plastic bag, chocolate wrapper and what not. It’s hard to imagine how much plastic we all through away each day. Just picture this - more than 60 million plastic bottles end up in landfills and incinerators every day.

We have put together a quick guide, your starter pack to a waste-free life and few easy habits to adopt. We have been there too, we didn’t want to use single-use plastic but didn’t know where to start and not to say it wasn’t an easy one, we are learning new ones each day!

1. Water Bottle 

Never know you need one until you get one. Always carry a reusable water bottle with you. Not only will you save money by not buying plastic bottled water, but will also reduce your carbon footprint and plastic waste!

You can often find water refill stations in many public places, such as airports, malls, and if there isn’t one, most cafe’s will be happy to fill up your bottle for you for free because saving the planet is cool!

2. Reusable shopping bag

Reusable shopping bag. You may have heard of the plastic bag bans in supermarkets in some countries which we could not be happier about. Carrying a reusable shopping bag is one of the easiest habits to adopt, they don’t take much space and can easily scrunch up to a tiny ball. 

They are not only more robust and eco-friendly but also way more stylish than supermarket plastic bags

3. Drinking Straws

Typical scapegoat for single-use plastic pollution. It’s only one straw said 7 billion people whilst Americans alone Americans use 500 million drinking straws every day. Every. Single. Day.

Refuse a plastic straw with your drink, or if you can’t do without one, get a reusable one! It tastes better, looks better and will last a lifetime. Which for smoothies and shakes, thin for juices & cocktails! You will be looking for excuses to make a morning smoothie to use your straw, hands down. Win-win.

4. Reusable containers 

From bulk bins to storing food in the fridge, these are super useful. They keep your fridge nice and tidy and your food fresh and organised. These can also work well for your takeaways + bulk buying saves money!

5. Compostable Toothbrush

Trade your ugly plastic toothbrush to a compostable one! Toothbrushes such as bamboo eliminate unnecessary waste while giving you the same quality as the plastic ones. You can also up-cycle the handle and use it as a seeding marker, use it as a nail brush, cleaning tool or craft for art projects.